Building Groupnode to embed video chats on a website

Building Groupnode to embed video chats on a website

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As my entry into the Product Hunt Global Hackathon this year, I decided to build Groupnode, a simple to use video chat site that lets you host video on a website (or via link) quickly.

There'll be a few features getting added to it shortly, but it was fun to build in a short time, and while it never won anything, it's still a project I'm happy with.

Right now, you just sign up and get a link to share, or a snippet of code.

Down the road, I plan to add:

  • create webinar rooms where you can embed a viewer link for watchers (people not sharing video) and a separate link for hosts (people sharing video), this is handy for webinars, virtual conferences, etc.
  • Add optional chat and Q&A to the videos.
  • Add recording to video sessions (mostly linked to the webinar rooms.
  • Add an optional password to chat rooms
  • Call to action widget to start a video chat from your website.
  • Multiple chat rooms
  • Scheduled sessions which will let you send out reminders.
  • Some more things, but those have to wait

Groupnode was built on top of Twilio Video and Flybase along with Adonisjs, and this makes it easy to scale and build fun things with it.

I plan to have everything handled via widgets so users can extend what they want to do with it by simply creating a new widget which allows for quick embedding on a site.

I'm also thinking of how to monetize this project, so some features will remain free and some will be part of a plan, but haven't thought about that too much yet.

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