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February 17, 2017

My wife and I just separated and I just moved into an apartment across town.

Which means, I’m now in the middle of unpacking everything.

I’ve brought with me an assortment of things that I’ve gathered over the past decade of living in the house.

Some things I know I need, like my desk that I work at every day, or my wok that I love to cook stir fries in, or my futon that I can sit and read on.

And some things… some things just don’t hold that much value.

I’ve packed bins of items that I know will either never be unpacked, or else will get packed back up and either shipped off to storage or donated.

There are bins full of items from the kitchen alone.

Bins full of things I know I don’t want.

So I’m minimalizing, figuring out what to keep.

Mostly it comes down more to figuring out what I need.

Do I need these pans that I’ll never use?

Do I need stuff to make my own hamburger patties when there’s a great meat shop 2 minutes from here where I always buy patties from?

Do I really need an electric pressure cooker and and a regular pressure cooker?

Do I really need this? or that?

Of course not, what I actually need vs what I actually want are entirely different.

Roger Stringer

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