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How the Pixelbook became my main computer

April 05, 2019

How the Pixelbook became my main computer

For years, I was one of those Linux desktop users, then I moved into Mac and was a Mac user for over twelve years, mostly I work from the terminal so the unix support was nice.

I’ve owned and used various Chromebooks for the last few years but not full-time, that changed when I got my Pixelbook January, 2018.

Other Chromebooks I’ve owned, I’ve loved using, part of it has been working out the best solutions for doing your work, and as a web guy, Code Anywhere has been a great fit for a long time, and still gets used daily, letting me switch seamlessly between devices.

Before linux mode was introduced, I’d use termux, an android app that let you do all your Linux terminal work no problem.

Then last summer, we got Linux mode and what you could do opened up greatly what you could do. Now, you could install native Linux apps such as atom or vscode.

Then, on top of that, you get the handy touch screen and flip screen which lets you use the Pixelbook in multiple ways.

My Pixebook has replaced my Macbook since last year and it’s been great.

Would I ever go back to a Macbook? Hard to say, honestly, and that’s fine by me.

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