Coded Geekery

A Rebirth

May 03, 2018

I’m relaunching this blog with a new engine powering it.

It’s moving away from Ghost and into a custom-built blog engine that uses Express, Next.js and Airtable as the database.

It works pretty well, I got some of the initial idea from David Yeiser’s blog, but with some differences.

Similar to David, this blog is powered by Airtable, with Next.js on the frontend and Express on the backend.

I considered building the engine with another frontend system, but I’ve been using Next.js for a number of projects lately and really like it, so I decided to stick with it.

With this, I also dropped support for categories, I had coded them in but decided they weren’t needed so I removed them entirely.

The design of the site will be changing as I get this setup further, so some things will be changing.

Roger Stringer

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