Scootering along

Scootering along

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I own a car, it's a 2007 Dodge Caliber that I bought new in 2006 (yeah car years are weird).

I love it, it's taken me a lot of places over the years.

But when I'm just in town, working, writing , or going to the local farmers market or just want to go for a cup of coffee on a patio then I break out my scooter.

My 2012 Ecoped Pulse is a nice ride, it has a maximum speed of 30 kilometers an hour, which isn't fast, but also means it doesn't need insurance, or gas.

In fact, I generally only need to charge it every 70 kilometers (or every six weeks).

Here in the valley, scooters are everywhere, and there are those that love them, and those that despise them.

You'll run into people all the time making some comment about scooters (especially electric scooters), and my reply is the same.

  1. It gets me where I need to go
  2. I can enjoy the ride
  3. No gas
  4. No insurance

I really don't care about the speed, it's still nice and in a city that speed works fine.

The other side is the pedals.

Now and then you get people making comments about electric scooter owners being too lazy to pedal a bike.

First of all, electric scooters have pedals, there are times, like on hills, where those pedals come in handy to give the scooter an extra boost.

Second, try pedaling a 160 pound scooter, trust me, there is nothing lazy about that even with the engine running, it's a lot of weight.

But on flat, with a good battery, you can put the pedals up and just enjoy the ride.

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