Two years ago, I found out who I really was

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+++ blurb: "Two years today... It's a bit of an anniversary if you will."

Two years ago today, I decided to put to sleep something that had been bothering me all my life.

You see I was adopted when I was six months old, and thanks to my cousin (gotta love cousins who tell you something they shouldn't have even known themselves just to make you feel down), I've even known I was adopted since the third grade.

That information had always bothered me...

  • Who was I really?
  • Where were my parents?
  • Did I have any other siblings?

Finally, two years ago, I decided enough was enough.

First I joined a facebook group dedicated to adoptees from Newfoundland and posted what info I did know (which wasn't much).

From there, someone got in touch with me who thought she was my cousin.

Then, I mailed a form to my home province along with a cheque, and a few weeks later, I got my original birth certificate in the mail. With in, came new information about who my parents were, and also confirmed that my cousin was my cousin.

From there, I reached out to my birth mom and introduced myself. We then drove 8 hours to meet her.

Coinicentally, she lived on this side of the country as well.

After that, I got in touch with my 3 half sisters from my birth dad (one of whom is 3 months younger than me in an interesting almost twin sort of thing).

Last summer, I got to meet my sister and my dad's wife.

Thanks to facebook, I've talked to my other siblings and family members who live too far away.

It's been interesting.

It's let me learn more about myself, and about where I come from.

Do I have any regrets about finding it out? Not at all. I'm happy to finally know my birth family and my siblings, it's a type of peace finally.

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