Coded Geekery

Version 3.ish

September 15, 2018

I’ve just pushed a new version of this blog that replaces the express backend with micro.

The frontend is still powered by next.js, but as I’ve been using micro for more projects lately, it made sense to switch this blog over as well. That means both backend and frontend are running on projects written by Zeit now.

I’m still a fan of Express and use it for apps where it’s needed, same with Adonis too. But for this, micro was plenty.

It gives me a smaller footprint and also let me streamline a lot of the backend code, I’ll make the repo open once I get it ready for that.

I’ve got a few more changes coming over the next few days so should be interesting.

This site has gone through several revisions over the years, from Wordpress to Github Pages to Ghost to a custom blog engine.

It’s a constant work in progress, but one that I enjoy as it lets me experiment and play with new things.

Excerpts are simply the first paragraph of the blog post, this works well content, pagination isn’t persistent yet, but will get there.

This current version I’m particularly happy with as its fast and lightweight, I can add a post very quickly and push updates fast as well.

Roger Stringer

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