What Is Coded Geekery?

What Is Coded Geekery?

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This blog is being created to serve as a place to share ideas, from building a freelance business, to coding to finding a good work life balance.

I've been a remote worker for the last 10 years, working for various companies all over the globe in various jobs. I've written books, spoken at conferences and built several startups.

I want this blog to be kind of a long form type of blog, where I can post articles to show people how to build their dreams as well, and help find a balance that works for them.

You'll also find food posts on this site, since I'm a foodie so deal with it ¯\(ツ)

Sometimes posts will be things I'm sharing from other places like videos and interesting posts others have written, but most of the time it's stuff by me

About the Author: Roger Stringer

It's all about finding that Work-Life Balance.

I spend most of my time solving problems for people, and otherwise occupying myself with being a dad, cooking, coding, speaking, learning, writing, reading, and the overall pursuit of life. I live in Penticton, BC.

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