Why Elon Musk is Wrong About AI

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Daniel Jeffries:

You know the story. AI will rise up and kill us all.

Didn’t Facebook have to shut down their latest monstrous experiment because it went rogue and developed its own secret language?

It’s only a matter of time. For all we know, Skynet’s factories are cranking out an army of Terminators already! We better move fast!

The only problem is, it’s all nonsense.

Elon Musk ain’t helping.

It’s an “existential threat worse than North Korea,” he warns. Last I checked they have nukes and a little madman in power and super-AI is still confined to the pages of cyberpunk novels, so I’m not buying it. Look, the guy is a lot smarter than me and I think his batteries, cars and solar roof tiles will change the world but he’s spent a little too much time watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The pop press isn’t helping either. How else do we end up with three months covering a bogus story about Facebook shutting down their AI because it got too smart? Guess what? It’s not true.

They shut it down because it was a crappy, failed program that didn’t do its job. Simple as that. And yet somehow every day a new version of that story pops up on my social media feeds: AI did something diabolical and had to be stopped.

I've built a lot of AI bots over the years, even Book Hacker uses AI as part of it's spider process to compile a list of books that have been mentioned across hacker news, reddit and stack overflow.

Or when someone wants a bot built that does something specific, but Elon Musk sees AI as being at a place that doesn't exist right now.

Your Siri, Alexa, Cordana or Google Assistants (really needs a better name FYI) aren't going to suddenly rise up and take over everything, heck half the time I can't even get my Google Home to turn on the wifi lights like it's been programmed to do.

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