My name is Roger Stringer, I've been involved in building startups and apps for the last two decades.

Over the years, I've worked with companies such as Intel, Sony, Walmart, Clevertech, and Twilio to name only a few, and I've even started up my own startups such as flybase.io.

Things that I am passionate about include:

  • I'm a big fan of implementing microservices using technologies such as docker, lambda (vanilla / serverless / stdlib) and google cloud functions.
  • all things DevOps and CI / CD (building continuous testing / integration / deployment strategies into your company and automating a lot of things is a wonderful thing I've seen grow in my 2 decades at this)
  • Parse Server implementations (ask me about my ParseDeck setup that incorporates Parse Sever and Parse Dashboard in an easy to setup and use system)
  • I also love seeing what I (and others of course) can build using Flybase.
  • Building stuff with Twilio (I've written three books on Twilio and have over 8 years experience with their API so love seeing what can be built and thinking up new challenging ideas that have not yet been built with it).

Over all, I've amassed a massive amount of knowledge on various topics and this is where I'll be sharing them.

Sometimes I'll share links to interesting posts, sometimes I'll share recipes for tasty food (I'm also a foodie, don't hate me).

You can also find me blogging at my personal blog at Roger Stringer and on the Flybase Blog.


This site runs on a modified version of Ghost and is hosted on Heroku.

It's coded by hand using Atom on a 12″ MacBook with Retina, and Diet Coda on an iPad Pro.

I use Byword to draft posts, usually on either my MacBook Pro, my iPad Pro, my iPad or my iPhone.


Are you available for consulting?

I’m available for one-on-one and group workflow consultations. I’m a handy guy to have on call when it comes to DevOps, Twilio, Node.js, APIs, PHP or WordPress questions, and I live to speed up workflows and help your company get things working. Contact me here.

Are you available for product reviews, speaking, etc.?

I am available for speaking, depending on availability, on a wide range of topics from startups, DevOps, Twilio, PHP, Node.js, API or WordPress development. Please contact me if you’d like me to speak about these types of opportunities.

I’m always available for product reviews as I enjoy checking out new gadgets, books and apps. Contact me here.


Feel free to contact me any time about anything!