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Hi, my name is Roger Stringer. I am a developer, DevOps engineer, writer, foodie, speaker. Coded Geekery is my spot on the interwebs where I can talk, think and share.

I'm also a big camping and hiking enthusiast. When I'm not hanging out with my family or at the computer you can find me camping somewhere in the mountains around the Okanagan valley where I live.

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The End of Front-End Development?

Over the past few months, I've spoken with lots of early-career devs who are getting more and more anxious about AI. They've seen the increasingly-impressive demos from tools like GPT-4, and they worry that by the time they're fluent in HTML/CSS/JS, there won't be any jobs left for them.

Chris Coyier: A “Perfect” CI Process

When you commit and push code to a Git repository, it can kick off a series of events. A pipeline for your software, as it were. This whole process is often called “continuous integration,” or CI for short. It’s pretty crucial to modern software development and falls under the umbrella of “DevOps” in current developer parlance.

Back to Next.js

This blog was on Remix for the past six months or so, and I still have other sites on Remix but I decided to move this one back to Next, mostly so I could play with some recent additions in Next with Next 13.

Kent C. Dodds on Full Stack Components

There's this pattern I’ve been using in my apps that has been really helpful to me and I'd like to share it with you all. I’m calling it "full stack components" and it allows me to colocate the code for my UI components with the backend code they need to function. In the same file.

Using Preact Signals with Fresh

“Fresh is the Deno full-stack framework created by Luca Casonato of the Deno core team and now hosted in the Deno github repository.”

Overcoming Popular Issues With React Projects

I know that people will always find ways to shoot themselves in the foot. At the same time I understand that batteries-not-included approach will lead to that sad result. When it comes to React projects I feel that I know a few tricks to sidestep problems that people discuss online.

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