The State of Databases for Serverless & Edge In 2023

Roger Stringer

Roger Stringer / February 1, 2023

1 min read

Lee Rob:

There's been massive innovation in the database and backend space for developers building applications with serverless and edge compute. There are new tools, companies, and even programming models that simplify how developers store data.


I'll focus on transactional workloads instead of analytical workloads.

The “backend” space is vast: search, analytics, data science, and more – so I'll niche down here. The primary criteria of this overview is:

  1. Services that work exceptionally well when paired with serverless and edge compute
  2. Services that work with JavaScript and TypeScript codebases

I agree with Lee's lists but I also think Directus should have been under there as well since Directus is more than just a headless CMS and is a full backend management platform with auth, API, GraphQL, and data studio built in, plus the flows and insights mean less coding needed to handle many tasks, and less tools needed.

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