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On Beating Yourself Up

Roger Stringer / August 17, 2017

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Seth Godin:

Almost everyone does it. I'm not sure why.

After the fact (or even during it) all the blame, second-guessing and paralysis. We say things to ourselves that we'd never permit anyone else to say. Why?

  1. It leaves us bruised and battered, unlikely to do our best work while we're recovering.
  2. It hurts our knuckles.
  3. It distracts us from the work at hand.

Perhaps there's a more humane and productive way to instill positive forward motion. I'm sure there is.

At the very least, this is a dumb hobby.

Seth's post came at the right time for me. It's just so true.

Why do we beat ourselves up so much? Why do we allow ourselves to fall into the same pattern of questioning ourselves when something goes wrong?

It's just such a massive waste of time and energy that can be better directed towards anything else.

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