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Redoing Flybase

Roger Stringer / March 10, 2021

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I recently redid the Flybase home page, it's part of a redesign of the entire platform but started there.

For the main site, I've set up a next.js / mdx site with Tailwind CSS

For the blog, I'm using Strapi with GraphQL and the docs section, is a next.js / markdown site using Nextra.

The site is a mono repo, with the docs in it's own sub folder of the main repo and deployed to Vercel as it's own site, then I use rewrites to have it work as /docs on the main site.

I went with this stack since I've been working with next.js a lot and also use Strapi a lot for various projects so it made sense to use it for the blog itself.

I did debate between Tailwind and Chakra-ui, and decided to go with Tailwind, which is also in use here on this site and a few other places.

It works well, and the site is fast, much faster than the previous WordPress site we used.

There are still a few things to finish up, currently the blog pages are handled as /blog?page=2 and at some point I'll convert it to instead generate static blog pages at /blog/page/2 but for now, this works fine.

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