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Roger Stringer / January 25, 2021

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To survive, companies need to provide something valuable to their customers. To know what's valuable, companies need to get feedback. To get feedback, companies need to ship. And to do all of this without wasting huge amounts of time, money, and momentum, companies need to do all three of these quickly.

Let's talk about a strategy for moving quickly without breaking things or burning out your team.

Not shipping has high business and emotional costs.

Every company has its list of "we should" and "what if" ideas. In growing companies, this list often ends up collecting dust because there's so much to do that squishy projects like these get pushed back indefinitely in favor of more concrete, immediate needs.

Working on immediate needs puts out fires, but it leaves the company in a reactive pattern. This is high stress and can be demotivating, especially if the teams doing the firefighting wish they had time to experiment.

No one wants this outcome — so how do we avoid it?

I highly recommend reading the rest of Jason's article.

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