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A simple React hook for listening for clicks outside of an element.

export const useOnClickOutside = (ref, handler) => { React.useEffect(() => { const listener = (event) => { if (!ref.current || ref.current.contains( { return; } handler(event); }; document.addEventListener('mousedown', listener); document.addEventListener('touchstart', listener); return () => { document.removeEventListener('mousedown', listener); document.removeEventListener('touchstart', listener); }; }, [ref, handler]); };


This hook allows you to detect clicks outside of a specified element.

The idea with moving this logic into a hook is so that we can easily use it across all of our components that need this kind of functionality (dropdown menus, tooltips, etc).


  • How to use it

  • import React from 'react'; function App() { // Create a ref that we add to the element for which we want to detect outside clicks const ref = React.useRef(); // State for our modal const [isModalOpen, setModalOpen] = React.useState(false); // Call hook passing in the ref and a function to call on outside click useOnClickOutside(ref, () => setModalOpen(false)); return ( <> {isModalOpen ? ( <div ref={ref}> 👋 Hey, I'm a modal. Click anywhere outside of me to close. </div> ) : ( <button onClick={() => setModalOpen(true)}>Open Modal</button> )} </> ); }

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